Private Capital Management treats each client like a member of our extended family.

Wagner Wealth Management - Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

We serve individuals and families looking to protect what they have today, and plan for tomorrow. Private Capital Management collaborates with clients on meeting future goals such as sending kids to college, retiring, or leaving a legacy. Clients seek comfort in knowing they have taken the right steps to secure their financial future.

Wagner Wealth Management - Who We Serve

Small Business Owners

We collaborate with clients as they are building their business, exiting their business, and planning for their personal financial future.  Private Capital Management provides counsel around ownership structures, monetizing the business for ownership transfer, managing risk, and executing tax strategies.


Corporate Executives & Professionals

Ownership in a firm adds complexity to one’s financial life. Partners must manage cash to meet quarterly tax payments in anticipation of annual distributions. Executives with stock options must balance diversification with their firm’s ownership requirements. Private Capital Management collaborates with clients to make sure they are making the most of their opportunities.

Wagner Wealth Management - Who We Serve

Life Transitions

The death or serious illness of a spouse or family member can change life plans quickly. Having a partner to navigate through these difficult times can be reassuring. Similarly, a divorce can be a disruptive life event. Our advisors provide reassurance and calm when navigating through these painful and unsettling times.

Wagner Wealth Management - Who We Serve

Multiple Generations

Families with three or four generations of wealth have unique situations. Private Capital Management partners with these families and their advisors to accommodate their diverse financial needs.


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