We work with you to develop a comprehensive investment strategy.

Every investment strategy begins with a conversation. We discuss your investment history and experience, your short and long-term needs, your retirement horizon, and the level of risk you are comfortable taking. Then we draw on these insights to build a diversified portfolio that’s closely aligned with your financial objectives.

Principles of Investing

  • Your investment should be intended to meet your unique financial goals, not beat the market or a benchmark. 
  • We make investment recommendations based on our clients’ best interest and their particular financial circumstances, goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. 
  • Through diversification our clients can avoid the risks ordinarily associated with concentrated portfolios.

Our Investment Approach

Through our sophisticated, institutional approach to investing, similar to that of many endowments, and our use of non-commissioned, non-proprietary products, we are able to maintain both independence and objectivity.  

In so doing, our goal is to create diversified portfolios comprised of multiple asset classes and styles to keep our client’s investment on track with their financial plans. And although we cannot control the markets, we can control our investment process, which allows us to identify and select investments that maximize the likelihood of our clients’ ability to achieve satisfactory results.

Disciplined Investment Process

To achieve our investment approach, we deploy a disciplined investment process. We empower our Investment Committee to review, select and monitor investments on an ongoing basis using a proprietary quantitative investment due diligence process through which we identify and qualitatively assess potential managers. 

Our proprietary quantitative due diligence process involves the computation and analysis of multiple factors, such as risk adjusted returns (alpha), volatility relative to applicable benchmark (beta), and standard deviation of returns. The process is intended to uncover investment opportunities that have delivered attractive risk adjusted results over time. We seek proven fund managers who follow a disciplined process, and we prefer investments that have a satisfactory balance of risk and reward characteristics. 

The ultimately result of this quantitative analysis is the identification of potentially appropriate investments or managers for our clients’ accounts. Once identified, a qualitative assessment is made of the investment or manager, which includes a review of various additional factors, including track record length and consistency of performance over time, transparency and communications with investors, and cost-benefits of expenses of investment versus the relative to the value expected to be added to client portfolios. 

Active/Passive Investment Selection

Our belief is that by taking a long-term focus, using integrated factors, and effectively implementing active and passive management, we will improve clients’ chances of reaching their financial goals.  

When selecting managers, we look to achieve a balance of certain desired outcomes that include reducing risk or achieving better risk adjusted returns, generating returns supportive of financial goals, and portfolio diversification.  

In general, we use passive investments to achieve results through a low cost, systematic, and tax efficient, factors-based approach, and will use active management in less efficient and illiquid asset classes. 

Alternative Strategies

In addition to traditional investments in equities, bonds and cash, Private Capital Management offers strategies we believe will add value through increased diversification (i.e. lower correlation), reduced volatility, and/or enhancement of returns in variable market conditions. These opportunities may include: 

  • Hedging strategies and active trading strategies such as equity structured notes and liquid alternative ’40 Act funds. 
  • Private investment opportunities including private equity and venture capital funds, and private income funds involving real estate, infrastructure and lending/credit. 


Please Note: Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Therefore, it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by Private Capital Management, LLC) or any consulting services, will be profitable, equal any historical performance level(s), or prove successful.