Financial Planning

Private Capital Management works together with you across all aspects of your financial life.

Financial planning is an integration of disciplines to help you navigate through your financial life.  We start with today. Where are you? Where do you want to be? You could be looking to retire, pay for college, or buy a second home. Or perhaps you are recovering from divorce or the death of a spouse. In creating your financial plan, we measure likely and unlikely scenarios to ensure you are on the right path. And we will regularly re-evaluate your plan to see that you are still on track.

Retirement Planning

  • A detailed financial forecast incorporating your savings, spending, taxes, estimated investment returns, and inflation
  • Calculation of amount needed to reach financial independence and the recommended withdrawal rate in retirement
  • Social Security analysis
  • A detailed projection of college costs and savings requirements

Estate Planning

  • Discuss desired estate plan distribution
  • Review current estate planning documents, beneficiary designations, and asset titling
  • Ensure special situations are properly accounted for including guardianship for children and special needs trusts
  • Discuss efficient property transfer, the need for trusts, and tax considerations
  • Facilitate discussions with current attorney, or provide referrals to qualified estate planning attorneys, if needed
  • Ensure that your plan is kept up to date, and assist in executing your plan when appropriate

Tax Planning

  • Recommend strategies for deferring income through a 401K or IRA
  • Discuss Roth IRA and Roth IRA conversion strategies
  • Plan for taxes on IRA withdrawals
  • Put income oriented investments in tax deferred accounts

Insurance and Risk Management

  • Review current risk exposure and insurance coverage
  • Discuss strategies to mitigate these risks, and recommend appropriate levels and types of insurance
  • Provide referrals to qualified insurance professionals for implementation, if needed

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