Investment Process

After years of frustration with the quality of analysis offered by many of the third party research venders, especially during the "Dot-Com" crash, Tom decided there had to be a better way to analyze investments. He went back to his roots as a systems analyst at UNIVAC and developed our proprietary quantitative investment process. In January of 2003 Tom implemented our quantitative investment process and we have never looked back.


We believe successful investing, especially during times of economic and political uncertainty, is as much about managing risk as it is returns. Tom designed our Proprietary Research and Investment Selection Model, PRISM, with an emphasis on risk adjusted returns. The objective is to find investments that offer good returns on a risk adjusted basis so that we are compensated for the risk being taken.

We believe it is important to have a well-developed process for making long-term investment decisions. Importantly, by incorporating risk assessment into PRISM, we try to avoid situations where market timing is required to achieve a good outcome. This is not to say that we simply buy and hold investments, rather we prefer to buy and monitor our investments and PRISM is our process for this analysis.Several of the elements of PRISM include statistical measures of risk, volatility, and excess risk adjusted returns as well as bear market performance and technical profile. Our quantitative approach also allows us to screen and track a large number of investments, and we are always looking for the best opportunities.

Qualitative Analysis

In addition to our quantitative work, we also perform qualitative analysis on each of our investments. We remain committed to the continuous exercise of discipline and in-depth research and we will use our quantitative research to help make the right investment decisions for you. These decisions are based upon non-quantifiable information, such as management expertise, industry cycles, strength of research and development, and labor relations.

Our Commitment

As a local investment management firm, you have our commitment that you will experience truly exceptional service. Let our team of investment experts help protect and responsibly grow the assets that will support you and your family for years to come. We understand that investment management is not a linear process. Our team will deliver a customized and highly focused solution tailored to your situation. As changes occur in the markets and in your life, we are here to help ensure that they are reflected in your investment portfolio.

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